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Bulgarian Industrial Engineering and Management (BIEM) JSC. is registered in Bulgaria under company file number 10238 of Sofia City Court on 19.10.2001 at 15-17 Belovodski Pat Str., 1616 Sofia, Bulgaria.

BIEM JSC. company has full license for international trade with arms ¹ 03.09-184-1/31.01.2020 valid till 31.01.2025 and registrations for broker services for arms and dual use items and technologies trade. BIEM JSC. is a member of the international Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association AFCEA since 2005.

BIEM JSC. company have good cooperation with producers and suppliers in the field of the production of arms and dual use goods from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Republic of Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland etc.


BIEM JSC. is specialized in the following activities:

  • Import, export and re-export of military products;
  • Maintenance, technical testing, repair-works, modernization and upgrade of military equipment, delivery of spare parts, tools and accessories, repair and test equipment, documentation and expert services;
  • Licensing and engineering activities including transfer of technologies and “know-how”, technical assistance and training in the field of the installation and the modernization of special objects and technologic production lines, service and repairs of special products and systems.

The priority in the activities of BIEM JSC. is the capability to supply a fu ll range and a ll kinds of spare parts, units and final articles in the fol lowing main areas:

  • Armored vehicles and their armaments, simulators, equipment and ammunition;
  • Air defence : AA-missile complexes, AD-artillery and radar systems, simulators and ammunition;
  • Light and heavy armaments, ammunition;
  • Field artillery and missile systems, and ammunition;
  • Fighter / transport aircraft, multipurpose helicopters, simulators, equipment, ammunition;
  • Communication, SIGINT, CRYPTO and electronic warfare equipment.

As private company BIEM JSC. is characterized by very good flexibility and efficiency in executing contracts, as we ll as in p lanning and performing short and long -term market policy and strategy. The company looks forward and welcomes new ideas and joint projects in perspective areas of activities.


  • Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria;
  • Ministry of National Defense of Algeria and its commandments;
  • Ministry of Interior and Gendarmerie of Turkey;
  • Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior of Serbia;
  • other institutions and companies from Europe, Asia and Africa.

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